Sterling silver snaffle bangle and ring set
Sterling silver snaffle bangle and ring set
Sterling silver snaffle bangle and ring set
Sterling silver snaffle bangle and ring set
Sterling silver snaffle bangle and ring set
Sterling silver snaffle bangle and ring set

Sterling silver snaffle bangle and ring set

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Suitable for everyday wear, lovely robust sterling silver snaffle bangle and snaffle ring set are our most popular pieces. An absolute winner on show day!!

Full Snaffle - approx 60mm/20mm

Band - 6.9mm/2.3mmSorry, we only make this bangle up to an inside diameter of 65mm. If you need a bigger size please click here for our chunky bangle. 

Bangle Size Guide

Finding the perfect bangle is about all about your hands! To get the best fit, you need to know the circumference of the widest part of your hand.

  • Your hand (of course!)
  • A piece of string or measuring tape
  • Pen & paper

Grab your string/measuring tape and let’s go!

  1. Bring your thumb a little finger together, kind of like you're putting on a glove.
  2. Wrap the string/tape measure/thing paper around the widest point.
  3. Take not of the number, or mark where the string meets.
  4. Measure the length of string to get your circumference measurement
  5. Now we need to turn that circumference into a diameter.

Grab a calculator and divide your measurement by Pi (3.14) to find your diameter. E.g.: A 21cm hand measurement would be 21 divided by 3.14 = 6.68cm diameter. Round that down a bit to 6.6 and a 21cm hand can comfortably fit wear our Queenie size!

If it's too early (or late!) for equations, use the omnicalculator and they’ll work it out for you.

EASY! If you’re still unsure, drop us a message. It's generally a good idea to go a little bit tight as your bangle slides over your hand — this helps secure it in place without strangling your wrist.

Bangle Sizes

We want all you beautiful ladies to be comfortable and confident in these bangles! That’s why there are three standard bangle sizes tailored to fit all shapes and sizes.
Each size - Princess, Queenie and Goddess - has a slightly different diameter to allow for different sized hands and wrists to slip through comfortably. Please allow a 2-3mm variation in measurements.


Maybe you have a dainty wrist, or a smaller hand and you find that ‘regular’ sized bangles feel like they slide down too far. The small size bangle measures approx 60mm internal diameter. 


Our medium size bangle measures approx 65mm internal diameter. The moderate sizing means she fits the majority of lovelies but there’s nothing common about Queenie. She is the mid-sized queen of the court after all!


Do you have slightly larger hands? Sometimes you might just need a little more wiggle room for comfort! Our large size bangle measures approx 70mm internal diameter, making it ideal for those who prefer a more relaxed fit.

Extra Large

We can do an extra large bangle, but the snaffle starts to get lost in the metal. We would recommend that you ordered our large snaffle bangle

Please be aware that if you get your sizing wrong, we will need to quote you to re size your bangle. 

At-home DIY ring sizing

Okay, okay -- we don't have all ring sizers lying around at home! But you can easily measure your finger at home with some common household items.

You will need a piece of thin string, dental floss or strip of paper; a pen; and a measuring tape or ruler.

  • Wrap the intended finger snugly with a piece of string/floss or strip of paper.
  • Use a pen to mark where the string/floss/paper meets around your finger
  • Straighten out the string/floss/paper and measure it against a ruler in millimeters
  • Check the chart in the "Finger Circumference (mm)" to find the ring size

Tips for Measuring Your Ring Size

  • Make sure your fingers are at a "normal" size when you measure them. Fingers shrink a bit in cold weather, and they swell after you've had alcohol, after you've exercised.
  • If your knuckle is particularly big, you may want to choose a bigger ring size so that the ring can fit over the knuckle
  • Size differences between your left and right hand often exist! Fingers are also fickle creatures that like to change sizes through the seasons (eg when you're in hot weather, they may swell a little) and during pregnancy.
  • What's a good fit like? Your ring should slip on easily, but be snug and slightly difficult to remove.

If you choose not to supply a size, that's not a problem, the ring will come to you in size Q and the bangle in small. But if it needs to be sized again or if you provide us with the incorrect size, there will be a charge of $40.00 each to resize.

Good luck and go forth!


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