Flora is a brand that we have worked with in the past and would like to show you some of their gorgeous, well priced earrings. I personally enjoy the way they combine nature and fashion. This is also a range that I myself wear and enjoy.

We will be adding new pieces as they arrive.

FAQs - Does gold plating wear off easily? Gold plating wears out over time and can flake off, exposing the base metal underneath. It also loses its luster and fades with time. In general, plating can last for up to two years with proper care.

FAQS - Does gold plated mean fake? Gold plated chains, and generally anything that's been plated, is not fake. The gold is real, and it doesn't claim to be gold itself. The fact that the word 'plated' gets used indicates that the item itself is not an imitation. What's more, plating is using less gold to get the same look for a fraction of the price.
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