Growing Up with Kelly & Barbara Crawford

Growing Up with Kelly & Barbara Crawford
Growing up with my Mum, Barbara Crawford, gave a horse mad wee girl the perfect platform to explore her passion for horses, every minute of every day.
Mum was absolutely obsessed with horses, since she herself was once a horse mad wee girl. Unfortunately for my Mum her family weren't "horsey" people, but that didn't stop her! She was one of those kids who would ride anything!!! She worked her way into racing stables, where she excelled as a trainee jockey. She went on to ride winners on the track and started to make a name for herself. She even got her name in the local paper a few times, I still have the clippings somewhere. At this time women jockeys were quite unheard of and it wasn't long after that, Linda Jones hit the headlines and became a household name. Mum was so proud of Linda and so proud of playing her own part in paving the way for women jockeys in New Zealand. She trained with some of the biggest names in the industry at the time. This is something I'm particularly proud of..... My MUM.... a painfully shy young girl "feeling the fear, and doing it anyway". She certainly had some amazing stories to tell.
As a horse crazy child in a perfect incubator, Mum and I had many horsey adventures. My memories date back to when I was about 3 years old. The fun, the laughs, the crazy way that horse riding made us tough. But in our world it was normal to be tough....... the falls, the disappointments, the highs and of course the lows.
To this day, I think of Mum everyday when I'm outside with my horses, it's a connection that will never leave me.
We all have our own stories to tell, of how it all started, was it a passion that you don't ever remember being without? Or did it slowly grow with your confidence? Was there a person in your life who nurtured you along the way?
How did you get where you are now? We would love to hear your stories in the comments below.
Kelly xx
Photo of our home bred Maggie, named after Barbara Margaret Crawford - MiraCrown Royal out of a TB mare (Fanfaire Equestrian). 

Posted: Thu 25 Jan 2024