About Crawford Hill

Kelly Crawford and Daryl Hill .... Who are we? 

Thanks for visiting and taking the time to read about us.

It feels like forever ago for me now, but way back at the end of 2013, I designed a range of sterling silver jewellery specifically intended for Equestrians called Kelly Harris Equestrian Jewellery. I initially designed and handmade all of the pieces and then had moulds made of those pieces. I still use those moulds today to have my pieces cast here in New Zealand. You might say that they are my core signature pieces.

From these cast pieces, I hand finish and Daryl polishes them, using them to create many different pieces from pendants to bangles and bracelets.

My social media following quickly escalated and the designs became very popular. But over the past 5 years due to my other work commitments I have kept this as a hobby that I have been hugely passionate about.

Post COVID lock down, my partner Daryl Hill encouraged me to follow my dreams and work full time with my passion and add the gold jewellery to the range. I took a deep breath and jumped!  Coming on board as a business partner Daryl learns something new every day, and gets delegated all of the jobs that I don’t like to do. They are usually the grubby jobs and the ones that take more upper body strength than I’m usually willing to part with.

Daryl has a background in Agricultural Contracting and Dairy Farming, so this is a big change for him! He can talk your ear off about hay and bailage! But together we decided to write a new chapter in our book. So we change the brand name to Crawford Hill Collections as I had changed my name to my maiden name a couple of years prior, Kelly Harris was no longer a relevant part of my life.

Everything we do together has a “family first” attitude. We are both parents and grandparents to amazing kids and we want to be able to enjoy that and support our families and help them to grow and prosper themselves. 

We do hope that you enjoy our new range of gold jewellery, it’s something that we are really excited about. We are just about to release the “Flora Range” it is not made by me, but it is a brand that I have worked with a lot over the years and I really like their designs and price points.

If you have a question, please don’t hesitate to ask, we never too far away. Again, thanks for visiting, we really do appreciate it.

 Kelly & Daryl