Ride it like you stole it!


Ride it like you stole it!
Sterling Silver Equestrian Bangle - "Ride it Like You Stole It"

Celebrate your passion for riding with our exquisite Sterling Silver Equestrian Bangle, meticulously crafted to embody the spirit of adventure and freedom.
Engraved with the bold and playful motto, "Ride it like you stole it," this piece is the perfect blend of elegance and attitude, making it a must-have for any equestrian.
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Unique Equestrian Bangle: Perfect for riders and horse lovers, capturing the thrill and joy of the ride.

Durability: Crafted from premium sterling silver, ensuring long-lasting beauty and resilience.
Gift-Ready: Ideal for gifting to friends, family, or as a special treat for yourself.

Why You'll Love It:
This sterling silver bangle is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a statement. The inspiring engraving serves as a reminder to live life with gusto, whether you're in the saddle or navigating your daily adventures. Its timeless design ensures it complements any outfit, from casual riding gear to elegant evening wear.

Embrace the spirit of the ride with our Sterling Silver Equestrian Bangle. Order yours today and carry a piece of the equestrian lifestyle wherever you go!

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For any inquiries or custom engraving requests, please contact our customer support team at info@crawfordhill.co.nz

Material: High-quality 925 sterling silver
Engraving: "Ride it like you stole it" in a bold font. Blackened for effect.
Finish: Polished to a brilliant shine
Design: Sleek, minimalist design with a comfortable fit for everyday wear
Size: Available in small, medium and large to ensure the perfect fit
Weight: Medium weight for effortless wear
Dimensions: 10mm x 2mm

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