Blue Zircon and Diamond Ring
  • Blue Zircon and Diamond Ring
Blue Zircon 3.30ct

Total Diamond Weight 0.59ct



Blue Zircons have a pleasing blue colour with just a tinge of green. This is one of the most popular colour in Zircons, and they are available from light to medium shades. More intense colours are rare.

They are not to be confused with Cubic Zirconia (CZ) which is man-made. Blue Zircons are mined in Cambodia. They come out of the ground in a brown to brownish-red colour and are then heated to their blue colours.

The name 'Zircon' derives from the Persian word 'zargun' meaning golden hued. Zircons (and possibly other gems) in the pinkish-purplish-reddish colour range were historically referred to as 'Hyacinth' or 'Jacinth'.

Zircons have extremely high dispersion of 0.038, which is the optical property that splits light into its component colours. That explains all those flashes of colour when we look at these beautiful gems.

Their refractive index (RI) is also very high ranging from 1.81 to 1.98 and they are durable with a hardness of 7-7.5 for 'high' zircons.

Natural Zircons are still available at a fraction of the price of most other gemstones, making them the last undervalued gem!

Zircon is December's birthstone, providing a lot of colour choice for December birthdays!
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